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Christopher Robin is a heart-warming tale of never forgetting your childhood. It captures everything that makes Winnie The Pooh so loved beautifully and leaves with a nice warm feeling in your belly. Pooh’s wholesomeness is brought to life as we watch the our friends from 100 acre wood venture into real life.

I’ll admit, it’s been a while since my last review, Calibre. This summers selection of films, going home for the summer to work as well as the struggles of a student budget have kept me away from the cinema a bit. However, I made the outing to take my mum to see Winnie the Pooh’s latest ‘expotition’. Anyway, enough with the excuses and let’s get on with it.

What’s it about?

Christopher Robin introduces us to a now grown up eponymous character (Ewan McGregor), working in the thrilling world of luggage manufacturing, more specifically the efficiency department. Being drawn away from his family, the now strict father Christopher finds himself kept at home working while his wife (Haley Atwell) and daughter (Bronte Carmichael) travel to his childhood home for the weekend. Back in 100 acre woods, Pooh has lost his friends and while searching notices that Christopher Robin’s tree door is ajar and decides to enter. The door being a portal from Pooh’s world to Christophers world, Pooh enters central London and bumps into a friend he had waited so long to return. In an attempt to return Pooh to 100 acre woods and finish his work we meet all of our favourite characters from the book and encounter a few bumps along the way.


If were to describe the entirety of this film, in particular Pooh’s existence in this universe, it would be as wholesome. His innocence and adorableness steal the entire show as everything that exits his mouth is always something that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. I’m so glad this came off this way as I initially thought a 3d real-life rendering of Pooh would be a creepy, I’m pleased to say it was nothing short of delightful.

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I firmly believe that a majority of the films success is going to come from capitalising on nostalgia. People wanting to relive the youth watch a film about reliving you youth. The rose tinted glasses play a key part in drawing people in to see their favourite characters to introduce them to the next generation. If this is what you’re looking for, then this film excels. Pooh’s cute clumsy demeanour as Jim Cummings classic voice relays quote after quote will make you remember why you love him so much. The only thing I could really ask for is more from the rest of the gang, but there’s only so much you can fit into a 104 minute runtime.

Nothing bad to say

I may be coming from a bias standpoint, having been exposed to these character from a young age, you can’t help but love anything they’re in. This bias has probably led me to not notice or ignore any of the flaws I would pick out from a regular film, and it will probably explain why I’m going to give it a score much higher than the current Metacritic score of 59. But you know what, I don’t care. My favourite films aren’t films that shock me, scare me or thrill me, they’re films that leave me thinking, “that was nice”. They might not always be the best critically speaking, but the emotional part of me will take over and just fall in love with the feeling the film left me with, and Christopher Robin is definitely up there as one of the positive and most uplifting films I have a seen in a while, despite Eeyore’s best attempts at bringing down the mood.

On the whole, if it’s not evident from the last 600 words, I loved the film. I don’t know if it’s the best critically speaking, but I, like a majority a watchers around the world, will judge a film on how it made them feel. Christopher Robin left me with a spring in my step and much brighter view of the world around me. Needless to say, I definitely recommend seeing it, I’m sure you will love it to. However, not going to give it a 10, save those for very special films.

My Score: 9/10

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